Our Spanish Language Classes…

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100% immersion taught by experienced, native instructors in a small class setting, this is a fun and social way to learn Spanish. Take our free placement test!

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Classes at your child’s school or at our location, children learn Spanish while having fun with experienced & enthusiastic native teachers!

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Convenient and flexible classes that adapt to your busy schedule, private classes are for adults, children, small groups and families. Sign up for a trial private class!

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Help your employees connect with Spanish-speaking clients and colleagues by offering classes at work. We customize material for accounting, safety, production, etc.!

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… And Our Spanish Language Services


With a full range of Spanish translation services to help your business expand and reach new clients, we offer a free quote within 24 hours and the lowest-priced service in the greater Cincinnati area.

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We offer Spanish interpretation services in-person throughout the greater Cincinnati area or over the phone. Our native staff is local, experienced, certified, and dedicated to providing top-notch services.

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Other Language Services

We serve individuals and organizations to bring educational, linguistic, cultural, social, and communication benefits. From ESL instruction to study abroad, check out the possibilities!

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Police/Medical Programs

Whether it’s introducing Spanish to your entire police force, or learning how to triage a medical situation in Spanish, learn what we can offer to help your team serve the community.

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Why Choose Us

Our mission is to serve English- and Spanish-speakers with superior products and services that offer educational, linguistic, cultural, social, and communication benefits. We will serve adults, children, and organizations in ways that include Spanish instruction, translation, ESL instruction, interpretation, social networking, study abroad and print, broadcast and online publishing. Our mission will bring people together while encouraging tolerance, understanding and exploration of new languages, cultures and ideas.





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Our Methodology: Immersion Learning

Immersion: Learning Spanish in Spanish

  • We believe it is essential for students to learn naturally through conversation and on going practice, the same way we learned our first language!
  • In an immersion setting, students are given tools to help them interpret the language as they experience it, rather than learning from memorization or a grammar book.

Introducing spanish to children

  • CSA is committed to practical Spanish instruction through the use of engaging, age-appropriate activities, imparted by 100% fluent Spanish speakers in an immersion setting.
  • The focus is on understanding the spoken language, first attempts at using the language, and reinforcement through exercises and fun games!

Why do we use the immersion approach?

  • The only tried and true way to learn to THINK in another language is to learn through immersion. Otherwise, you’re just memorizing another language.
  • If you’re new to immersion, it can be challenging at first, but that’s ok! Our classes are also fun and engaging, and you’ll feel real pride the first time you have a basic exchange in Spanish.

Local Organizations Using Our Services

What We’re All About

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What Our Students Say

“Teachers are very patient and provide an environment very conducive for learning. The options to practice in class are amazing. Each student has a lot of time to speak with other students and with the teacher, which allows for correction. The immersion classes are amazing because they force you to listen and concentrate.”Hugh Gloster - Student
“Here the classes are small, so your turn to speak comes around more frequently and you get more personalized attention. I like the fact that the teachers are from different Spanish-speaking countries because you get different accents.”Scott Albert - Student
“Having native teachers makes the most sense for me, there is a cultural aspect that shines through. I think the balance between having fun and learning is crucial. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I really like learning Spanish, so I’m having a blast!”Daniel Klemmer - Student

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